Gephyra - a Journal for the Ancient History and Cultures of the Eastern Mediterranean - is a publication platform for articles from all fields of research into Asia Minor and the Eastern Mediterranean, insofar as they shed new light on the history and culture of this geographical and historical region. For this reason, epigraphic, archaeological, numismatic and art historical contributions, commented and evaluated material presentations, as well as historical reflections and essays are all equally welcome.

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Posted: 2016-05-28
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Vol 13 (2016)

Table of Contents


The Cult of Hecate in Lydia: Evidence from the Manisa Museum
Nalan Eda Akyürek Şahin 1-48
Beiträge zur kleinasiatischen Münzkunde und Geschichte: 12. Mastaura am Fuße der Mesogis – Überlegungen zu den Patriatraditionen einer wenig bekannten antiken Polis
Johannes Nollé 49-82
Vermutungen zum Namen Mastaura
Diether Schürr 83-85
Parerga to the Stadiasmus Patarensis (16): The Roads, Settlements and Territories
Fatih Onur 89-118
Ein bronzenes römisches Hohlmaß (sextarium) mit militärischer Inschrift und Bemerkungen zu gleichartigen Inschriften
Peter Rothenhöfer 119-125
Zum sidetischen Ypsilon
Diether Schürr 149-152
Reconsidering the Interpretation and Dating of Ancient Coins: the case of Bronze Coins from Dodona in the Name of Menedemos Argeades
Atalante Betsiou 127-148
sana mente sanaque memoria testamentum feci: Eine testamentarische Verfügung vom 12. April 340 n. Chr.
Peter Rothenhöfer, Jürgen Blänsdorf 153-163
‘The Thousand and One Churches’ Revisited
Gerhard Huber 165-210
Parerga to the Stadiasmus Patarensis (17): A Correction to the Course of the Road between Xanthos and Neisa
Fatih Onur 211-224

ISSN: 1309-3924