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Two Galatian Cults in Dacia

Stephen Mitchell


An unpublished inscription from Ancyra or its territory contains a dedication to Zeus Erusenos.  This deity is also attested on two Latin inscriptions found in Roman Dacia (Roumania), and the cult, like several other local cults from Galatia or eastern Bithynia, was exported from Asia Minor to the new province of Dacia after it was conquered and annexed by the emperor Trajan. A Greek dedication to Zeus Sittakomikos recorded in Dacia should be emended to Zeus Heptakomikos, and identified with the cult of Zeus of the Seven Villages (Zeus Heptakomeitôn), who was worshipped on the imperial estate called the Chôra Considiana in western Galatia. Many of the Galatian migrants may have been involved in mining and quarry work.


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