Bibliographische Nachträge zu den Fasten der Provinz Galatien in augusteischer und tiberischer Zeit

Altay Coşkun


After briefly introducing into the revised fasti of the early governors of the province Galatia, a survey of the most recent publications in the field is given. Most importantly, the new chronology of the legati Augusti pro praetore as deployed in Gephyra 6 (2009) has been accepted in the recent corpus of inscriptions of Roman Ancyra (edd. Mitchell – French 2012), even though it has been argued convincingly there that the main source, the priest list on the left anta of the Sebasteion (I.Ankara I 2), started in 5 (and not 4) BC. Moreover, the discussion of three inscriptions relating to the repair of a road connecting Attaleia and Perge further corroborates a late Augustan and early Tiberian date for the governor T. Helvius Bassus.

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