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Unter der Statthalterschaft des Rufius Varenus in Bithynien ehren die Trikkeanoi ihren Wohltäter Achaïkos

N. Eda Akyürek Şahin


This article presents an inscription recently found in the district of Bilecik. In this inscription the name of the governor Rufius Varenus, not Varenus Rufus, is recorded in epigraphic evidence for the first time. A notable piece of information provided by this inscription is that the governance of this senator in Bithynia cannot be dated to the years 105/106, which has been the commonly accepted dating until today, but to 102/103 as this inscription was raised in the sixth year of the tribunician power of Traianus, during the First Dacian War. A certain man Achaïkos holding the titles Euposiarches and Paraphylax, son of Oxathres, is honoured in this inscription. It also mentions a people called the Trikkeanoi, within the borders of Bilecik, and the district of Plassyene, whose name and existence was previously unknown.

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