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Zwei neue Meilensteine Gordians III aus Kappadokien

Ferit Baz


This article presents two new inscriptions on Roman milestones from Cappadocia, both of which were raised during the reign of the Emperors Pupienus and Balbinus, and which were then reused during the reign of the Emperor Gordianus. Both of these milestones were erected within the territory of the Cappadocian city of Hieropolis and one marked the distance to Caesarea, the other to Melitene. The first use of these milestones occured between January and the start of May 238 A.D.; while the subsequent use of these milestones seems to have been in the second half of this same year. The revision of the original inscriptions during the reign of Emperor Gordianus, it can be understood, was due to the desire of the Governor Cuspidus Flaminius Severus to register his loyalty to the new Emperor. As soon as he learned of the sole reign of Gordianus, he immediately had the text of these milestones changed.

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