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Marmor Numidicum in Perge unter Domitian

Sencer Şahin


In this article, an inscription from a stone quarry, inscribed upon the face of a marble block is examined. This inscribed block was reused, forming the base for an imperial statue within the theater of Perge, when the face of this inscrption was turned to face the ground. A comparison with a dedicatory inscription from Simitthus (Numidia) and another, with an inscription from a stone quarry from the city of Rome, show in all three inscriptions the name Primus who is known to have been a procurator for the quarries in Numidia under Domitianus. This inscribed marble block found in the theater of Perge shows that marble imported from the African provinces was used in Pamphylia, and, further it provides an indication that the decoration of the interior of the theater began, at the latest, during the reign of Flavian.

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