Gephyra - a Journal for the Ancient History and Cultures of the Eastern Mediterranean - is a publication platform for articles from all fields of research into Asia Minor and the Eastern Mediterranean, insofar as they shed new light on the history and culture of this geographical and historical region. For this reason, epigraphic, archaeological, numismatic and art historical contributions, commented and evaluated material presentations, as well as historical reflections and essays are all equally welcome.

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GEPHYRA is indexed in L'Année philologique, a leading specializated database in the field, from 2016 onwards (see on MIAR).  
Posted: 2016-05-28
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Vol 14 (2017)

Table of Contents


Vom Aussterben der luwischen ziti-Namen, lykisch Ipresida und dem kaunischen Imbros
Diether Schürr 1-13
Two Galatian Cults in Dacia
Stephen Mitchell 15-21
Beiträge zur kleinasiatischen Münzkunde und Geschichte 13-14
Johannes Nollé 23-100
Zwei neue kaiserzeitliche Grabinschriften im Museum aus Afyonkarahisar
Mehmet Ertan Yıldız, Ahmet İlaslı 101-108
Aus der epigraphischen Werkstatt: Bemerkungen zu einigen jüngst veröffentlichten militärischen Kleininschriften
Peter Rothenhöfer 109-116
Heliodoros: A Christian from Cios died in Heraclea Thrace
Mehmet Alkan, Johannes Nollé 117-132
The Anastasian Military Decree from Perge in Pamphylia: Revised 2nd Edition
Fatih Onur 133-212
Dionysiac and Pyrrhic Roots and Survivals in the Zeybek Dance, Music, Costume and Rituals in the Aegean Turkey
Recep Meriç 213-239

Book Reviews

Rezension zu: Peter Herrmann, Kleinasien im Spiegel epigraphischer Zeugnisse
Johannes Nollé 241-244

ISSN: 1309-3924